We here at 94.9 HOM love MSTY — the Music Messenger app… And since it’s Thanksgiving time we want you to send us a MSTY of what you're thankful for. Show us what you’re most thankful for…A person, a pet, a place…whatever! We’ll be choosing a winner based on the MSTY we like the best.

Here's what to do: First (if you haven't already) download MSTY -- it's FREE! (If you downloaded it earlier, make sure you have the latest version!)

Then you just pick a song, photo and message. MSTY has plenty of Thanksgiving themed songs to choose from. Then send it to (207) 619-4963.

That's it!

One winner will get 2 tickets to our Portland On Tap beer festival January 30th . Plus a 94.9 HOM personality will record a personal greeting for you to share with the person you’re most thankful for.