After JC and I did our go cart race the other day, we were quite famished and headed into downtown Concord for some grub.

We went to The Barley House and I was not prepared for the deliciousness that my belly was in store for.

JC got the hangover burger (even though he wasn't hungover which I'm pretty sure is against the rules) That monstrosity was complete with cheddar cheese, bacon, buffalo sauce and more. He asked for it without the sunny side egg that comes on top. I can't say I agreed with that decision but to each their own.

I had the King Cobb salad with blackened shrimp and housemade avocado dressing. It was a magical experience for my taste buds.

It wasn't until after that I realized The Barley House was featured on Phantom Gourmet so OF COURSE it's amazing.

WARNING: viewing this video may cause extreme hanger and involuntary driving towards downtown Concord. You've been warned.

The Barley House has a location in North Hampton NH as well! (Same delicious menu)