The Boston Red Sox decided to cancel their Bobble Head night promotion after  discovering the bobblehead figures they received were worse than David Price's pitching.

I's bad. Real bad.

The Red Sox said  "The bobbleheads were unacceptable to the club and not appropriate for distribution."

The Sox said there were unhappy with the look of Ortiz and felt the doll's facial expressions were racially offensive. The team said having a proper likeness is important to each player, and that if there was just one person who would be offended by the bobblehead, they felt it was best to not hand them out.

The good news is that all ticketed fans will be getting Ortiz bobbleheads at a later date. Fans will be issued a card to redeem for a fixed bobblehead once they are made available.

click here for replacement bobblehead



The Red Sox released this statement before tonight's game;


This is the bobblehead the team received..