Talk about irony. The owner of Unified Parking Partners, who has upset a lot of Portland residents with their strict parking rules, was arrested on cocaine charges while in one of the parking lots he manages. 

According to the Portland Press Herald, Daniel McNutt was arrested on cocaine charges on Saturday night, May 14 but police aren't giving any further info on the charges. He was released on $150 bail and has a court date on July 7.

McNutt's company has turned private parking lots all over Portland into pay and display public spaces. Pay at the ATM-like kiosk with your credit card and put a slip of paper on your dash and you're good. Parking costs $5 an hour 24/7. Ouch.

The complaints they've gotten is they are strict on their time limits. Like this sign says, if your time expires, you get a boot on your car and have to pay anywhere from $40 to $70 to get the boot off.

So let's get this straight. Let's say we park in one of his lots at $5 an hour for eight hours, but we run late and get back to the car an hour and a half later and have to pay $70 to have the boot removed. That puts us out $110.

This guy gets arrested on cocaine charges and he's out on bail for $150??? Something's wrong here.