These are my top 5 Holiday drinks. Please scroll down and list yours!

5. Mimosa Gotta have something w/ breakfast. Any kind of champagne will work. I like pulp in my OJ. We've even used mango juice in the past.

4. Heineken  Ever since I was a lad we always enjoyed a Heinie or 2 around the holidays. It always seemed festive. Maybe it was the green bottle. Probably the booze.

3. Dark n Stormy This is a newer tradition. We've used every kind of rum too. The key is Captain Eli's Ginger Beer and make sure you cut up fresh ginger roots. This is a pissa drink!

2. Guinness Pretty self-explanatory.

1. Vodka and Lemonade AKA Dorchester Martini. Brand does matter around the holidays. Grey Goose, Kettle or Absolute. I use Crystal Light. Country Time works. Fresh sliced lemons OR limes are recomended and so is a designated driver!

Here's a website to make your own holiday drinks: