Portland area craft beer lovers will soon have a new store where they will be able to purchase craft brews from all over New England, the U.S. and the world. 

The owners of the Craft Beer Cellar, a franchise with 11 brick and mortar stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and several other states announced on their web site they will open their new Portland store later this summer on 111 Commercial St. in Old Port.

111 Commercial St. will soon be the home of the new Craft Beer Cellar store will be located in downtown Portland. Credit: Robert Cook

To give Portland area craft beer lovers a taste of what they will experience, the Portsmouth, N.H., store's web site states they sell "craft, micro, or artisanal brewed beers from the United States and beyond. Our mission has been to create an amazing beer store; a place with a central focus on beer, not wine or spirits. While you may not be familiar with everything on our shelves, we are confident that you'll leave our shop with something spectacular." The store stocks 536 craft beers from 134 breweries.

Craft Beer Cellar, which was founded in 2010, also prides itself on its customer service and industry knowledge. "We are focused on keeping our prices down, keeping our pulse on the latest and greatest beers available to you, and putting the sexy back in customer service and hospitality," the Portsmouth, N.H., store's web site reads.

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