All you need for this new family tradition is a bottle of whipped cream for each person and some water close by. 


This is what we discourage our kids from doing! So why is their Grandmother condoning this behavior? Because it's Summer and they aren't her kids. It's actually pretty fun. Since the kids were little mom has had a whipped cream challenge with the goal of who can get the...well...creamiest! This year my Nephew Daniel won. as you can see, it gets messy so make sure there's a large body of water close by for a quick rinse off or plenty of towel to get to the shower without sticking up the floor.


Somehow the poor family dog inadvertently got creamed and luckily likes a nice dip in Sebago. The dog is fine but when you step into the action to take a picture and they turn around and do are in trouble.


Here's what you need to start your own Summer family whipped cream fight...




When Herb Ivy and I walked into work together this morning, he asked how my weekend went. I told him about the whipped cream fight to which said "Yes, my wife and I do the same thing..."

Whatever your pleasure whether it be for ice cream, fights or steamy nights, I hope you have a tradition that somehow involves with tasty treat.