Mother's Day is Sunday. Of course we are going to celebrate our Moms, but what about the other Mom's we know who deserve some celebrating?!? If you're looking for a creative and fun yet fast and easy gift for your kid's friend's Moms, teachers, co-workers, etc., the answer may be closer and easier than you think! 

Huge thanks to Portland Macaroni Kids for putting together this super cool and cute DIY Mother's Day gift that you can basically get at your local grocery store bakery. You can create a personalized and adorable gift for each of the women in your life in a couple of easy steps.All it takes is a few baked goods and some fun DIY materials to create an adorable creation like this cupcake bouquet:

Here’s how it works:
  • Head to the bakery department at your local grocery store and pick out a baked good Mom is sure to love.
  • Pick up materials to create a uniquely wrapped gift – straws, toothpicks, plastic bags, ribbon.
  • Package the baked goods & gift to the important mother-figures in your life!
You can’t go wrong with this Mother’s Day idea for all the special women in your life. It’s simple, affordable, personalized and delicious. Buy it, wrap it, gift it, share it! It’s gifting made easy!
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