Ok, i'll admit I first stopped scrolling in my newsfeed because.... well let's face it. This guy is a beautiful example of a lumbersexual if I've ever seen one.


BUT, as I began reading the post that accompanied the picture I was even more impressed. Barclay Oudersluy at 23 set out on a mission ala Forest Gump style  to run across the country from Santa Monica California to the Marshall Point Light House in Maine.



Oudersluys, a huge fan of the movie Forrest Gump decided to retrace the same route his favorite fictional character ran in the 1994 blockbuster. Dubbing his run "Project Gump" he raised $10,000 for the Hall Steps Foundation, a global nonprofit that fights poverty through better health.



Running about 30 miles a day regardless of the weather, Oudersluy ate a lot of pop tarts and attracted quite a lot of attention on social media as people followed his progress.


Tom Hanks during the filming of "Forest Gump" October, 10th, 1993 with Tommy Hocking of Garland, ME


With the completion of Project Gump, Oudersluy will head back to Michigan for a bit before heading back to California, where he’ll start law school at the University of California Berkeley. One thing is for certain, at 23 he's already done more than most have at 40.


From one Forest Gump fan to another, I salute you sir -  a) for being an awesome, kind, humanitarian;  and b) for running, literally, across the country.