Louise from Cape Elizabeth apparently displeased with our Governor, decided to take the time to write him a letter urging him to resign. She was shocked when he actually responded with a hand written note.

Her letter seemed pretty benign to me:

Dear Gov. LePage,

please resign. You will save yourself time and embarrassment. You will save our state time and money.

Sincerely, Louise Sullivan


But apparently LePage, who has been in the hot seat as of late, opted to stick to his "tell it like it is" approach and penned a hand written response as only he would.

Though not surprised, I was disappointed. I expected someone of his elected position to behave with a bit more self control. To denounce an entire region of the state you govern seems a little extreme to me.

Obviously images of Gov. LePage's response began circulating quickly, and this morning I began seeing letters like this one in response to his reply on my news feed.

Photo Credit: Scott Whiting

Regardless of what we think of his politics, I think we can all agree that next time maybe someone else should handle the Governor's mail.