It's time to start putting together that summer reading list for the kids. Local Maine author, Lea Wait's book, "Uncertain Glory" is one to consider for the middle school set. It's a book that I would have loved at that age.

And it's actually a book that I did enjoy as an adult.  The novel is set in Wiscasset, Maine at the start of the Civil War. An interesting array of topics are woven throughout the story including the importance of newspapers, spiritualism, challenges of being black in a white community and friendship. The book is well researched and based on real people from the Victorian era.

The book is one that will pique the interest of readers and leave the desire to discover more details on the subjects. Lea has kindly included historical notes and a bibliography. This is a book that I would recommend. I had such an enjoyable time reading it that I picked up some of Lea's adult mysteries. Those are on my summer reading list.

I had the chance to interview Lea in the 94.9 HOM studios recently. You can listen here: