According to WCSH6 The owner of a Portland diner is defending her actions - and comments she made on social media that have left many outraged.

The owner of a local diner is defending her actions after screaming at an almost 2 year old in her restaurant to "stop crying". Do you think she was justified?

Posted by 94.9 WHOM on Monday, July 20, 2015


Marcy's Diner on Oak Street in Portland's downtown is a busy place on the weekends, and I have personally tried to eat there on three different occasions without success because of the huge wait.

However, this past Saturday owner Darla Neugebauer let her frustrations over her bustling diner get the better of her and yelled at a crying 2 year old. She then took to Facebook and blasted the parents and referred to the child as a "beast" and "monster".

The story has now gained national attention as well and was featured on BuzzFeed this morning with the headline "Maine Restaurant Owner Abuses Customer, Posts About It On Facebook".  Luckily, they managed to save the deleted Facebook posts for all the world to see!



It will come as no surprised that I felt a LOT of feelings about this. I am all for disciplining your child, and have left shopping carts full of groceries before.

However, we are talking about a baby that is not even 2. This child is not a "beast" because she was crying, she is a baby who could have any number of issues that this woman knows nothing of.

I think it's safe to assume I will not be dining at nor supporting this establishment in any way. Not only was she out of line but I think she absolutely needs to apologize for her actions.

These customers are paying her bills by eating at her establishment and I think a little more respect, kindness and tact was in order.

What do you think?