Her parents were crying and mourning over her coffin and lifeless body when she opened her eyes and awoke. Miracle or terrible mistake? What do you think? This video is chilling! 

In the Philippines a three year old girl awakens in her coffin during her funeral and this video captures what some call a miracle. The little girl was pronounced dead at the hospital the day before and when a friend removed the lid of her coffin before her funeral prepping the body she noticed the little girl's head move. Then her parents watched in shock as she opened her eyes to them. She started breathing and although weak was very obviously alive. She was quickly lifted from her coffin and rushed to the hospital and eventually sent home where (at the last I read) she was being monitored by nurses. There are some reports that she has passed away but I have no confirmation on that.

Doctors say she had been suffering from a severe fever for days and was pronounced dead at 9am Saturday morning. She had no pulse and was clinically dead.

Back in the day people were mistaken for dead so much that loved ones would pay extra to have a string tied around the wrist of the dead and attached to a bell so graveyard attendants would hear it and dig them out. Hence the well-known saying "saved by the bell."

Do you believe this was a miracle or just a lack of good medical care?