This past Friday was Pay it Forward Friday and we decided that everyone who called in to share with us how they were going to 'pay it forward' would have their name entered into a hat for a 4 pack of Kora Shrine Tickets. As promised Mike and I drew the names from a hat (thank you to the fabulous Rob Steele for the hat), and the winner was Karen! Karen declined to give us her name or info and simply asked us to donate the tickets to a Hospice Center if her name was drawn.

Having had some experience with Hospice, I was touched by Karen's gesture. We honored her request and called Michelle from Hospice of Southern Maine and let her know about Karen's donation and the HOM #PayitForwardChallenge.

I truly have been so humbled by everyone who has participated and shared in this challenge with us, and I can't thank you all enough! I know I'm looking forward to many more #PayitForward Fridays to come!

*To listen to our call to Michelle, click below!

(Here's a video of us drawing the names!)