94 9 HOM is once again a proud sponsor/partner for the July 4th Portland "Stars & Stripes Spectacular!" It's been awesome to see this already amazing event keep getting even more spectacular! Yesterday launched the official kickoff to the 2015 event and we are so excited to bring you the news about another stellar year!

Over 50,000 spectators will gather around Portland's Eastern Promenade on July 4th and watch the Stars & Stripes Spectacular. Listeners from all around the WORLD are able to hear the "Patriotic Pops" concert performed by the Portland Symphony Orchestra streamed live online. This years featured guest performer will be none other than, Grammy Award winner, Melissa Manchester!

Funding for the fireworks were cut by the city a few years ago. It's only through the generosity of local business and sponsors that the event has persevered. Your help is needed for that to continue! Please donate to the Kickstarter campaign to help keep the Stars & Stripes Spectacular going. Wouldn't it be cool if YOU could be part of such an amazing event? Now you can!

Stay tuned for more exciting news about the event. Please donate to the Kickstarter and be there on July 4th for the Stars & Stripes Spectacular!