Magnum & Buddy need the help of kind strangers.  The two dogs were abandoned outside in the snow at the Humane Society Waterville Area with a mouthful of porcupine quills. The shelter has seen that the quills have been removed and shots given.  They have run up quite the vet bill & need more medical attention.

From the Humane Society Facebook page, "Now the shelter is responsible for really big medical costs with these dogs. The procedure this morning cost $565. Both dogs are full of tapeworms. Both dogs need neutering. This will add more cost. We can never recoup our investment in these two fellows. Can we ask for your help please?"

The dogs need more care and can't be put up for adoption yet. The Humane Society's Facebook page states, "The dogs have to stay for the stray period before they can be put up for adoption. We are hoping the former owner will come forward to sign the surrender papers. There will be no judgment or punishment. We just want to be able to get these pups to their furever homes." If you would like to help with a donation, information can be found on the humane society website.

Facebook/Humane Society Waterville Area