The rumors are true! HOM has gone Christmas!

It's been an HOM tradition for several years now to play Christmas music 24/7 on the station. This is met with the usual mix of emotions. Some of you have been asking us since September to play Christmas music, while others are adamant that we should wait till the Turkey's been properly carved.

With all of this in mind, we sat down and decided to find a nice middle ground in the hopes of appeasing those who would love to hear Christmas music all year round, and those who would prefer to wait. And we decided the best day would be...

TODAY! November 20th!

Big thanks to Bob Marley for helping us flip the switch and launch this year's first Christmas song. In case you missed it, here's Burl Ives crooning the "timeless classic" [insert AJ's Epic Radio Voice Here] - Holly Jolly Christmas!