Nearly 500,000 children in the US are reported missing yearly. No one wants to have to thing about this, but the more proactive you are the better chances you have of keeping your kids safe. Did you know there is a free kit available to you that can help keep them safe? Here's how you get it. 

Anyone who has lost sight of their child for even a few seconds, dreads that gut wrenching pain. For most, it lasts a split second but for nearly 500,000 families a year, it's a long lasting pain. When a child goes missing, your world stops and nothing matters until they are home safe and sound.

There is a free service and kit that improves the safety of your child. It's a Child Safe Kit and it has your child's fingerprints and medical information inside. Time is everything in a missing child case and having all your child's vital information stored in a kit can save time and even save your child here's more information.


Here's the link to get your free safety kit: