One of the most high profile attorneys of all time F. Lee Bailey will join WHOM Mornings w/ Sandra & Teddy Monday morning 740am.

We had met Mr Bailey last year at The Animal Refuge League Fundraiser Auction-Gala. He was very approachable. Actually he was the one who brought up OJ during a conversation about Bobby Orr. Talk about 2 polar opposites.

For those who may not know F. Lee Bailey lives in Maine and is a huge supporter of The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. We had Patsy Murphy, Exc Dir of the ARLGP on last week to promote their annual Auction-Gala happening this Thursday at the Holiday in by The Bay.

We then realized Tuesday would be the 20th Anniversary of the now infamous "OJ Simpson White Bronco Chase" so we though we would invite Mr Bailey on to talk about both the fundraiser and the anniversary. We may even sneak in a Boston Strangler question or two. Here's a look at F. Lee Bailey's incredible Career:

Where were you when you heard about the OJ Bronco Chase?

After 20 years do you still care about the verdict?

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