I cannot believe this sweet baby survived being hit by a car and stuck in a bumper for almost 300 miles!

March 26th, this stray dog ran out in front of Loudi Zhang's car in China. He thought the dog had died or ran off which as an animal lover makes me want to smack the crap out of him. Who doesn't stop a car after hitting a dog? At least to check and see. I cannot imagine leaving an animal in pain. We have to be their advocates! Loudi was in the "dog house" (sorry had to) with me, until I read the rest of the story. This amazing pup traveled 248 miles in the bumper wedged without a scratch. The only reason Loudi stopped was because of the odd barking sound his car was making.

Imagine the shock of seeing a dog in your bumper? This little hitchhiker was taken to the vet for a full workup. He was in perfect health with not even a scratch. Loudi believed that this was meant to be and adopted him. Maybe a chihuahua bobble head for the dash instead? I love a happy ending!