David Gudas of Lewiston has been sharing some great, vintage photos recently of Lewiston in the I was born in Lewiston, ME., and remember when.... Facebook group. Here's one he posted of a restaurant on Lisbon Street in 1970 that we've mashed up with the Google Street view of today. Do you know what it used to be? 

Today it is the Cathay Hut Chinese restaurant at 1134 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, right next to Dunkin' Donuts. This is what it looked like 46 years ago.

Lums was a family restaurant chain that had nearly 300 restaurants across the country, and was famous for their hot dogs steamed in beer, signature 1/3 pound Ollieburgers and ice cold beer served in frosty mugs and pitchers. The chain went out of business in 1982 but the building in Lewiston still stands today as Cathay Hut.

And speaking of the Dunkin' Donuts right next door, David posted a picture of that from 1970 as well.

Back in 1970 Dunkin' Donuts wasn't on every street corner in Maine. I only remember cities like Portland and Lewiston having them before they started to build more franchises in the 1980's. They were more like coffee shops then, where donuts were made on the premises each morning and there was counter service with stools. Look closely and you'll see the stools through the windows.

Here's the same building today, modernized for today's Dunkin' style.

Google Street View

For more great photos from Lewiston's past, check out the I was born in Lewiston, ME., and remember when.... Facebook page.