According to this infographic, coke is NOT good for us!


Ok, I think we probably knew that already regardless of the fancy photo diagram thingy. But what I didn't realize was the extent that it robs us of the things our bodies need!


There's about 10 teaspoons of sugar in coke and apparently the only reason we don't throw it back up is because the phosphoric acid... (ACID!?)  ... cuts the overwhelming sweetness of that much sugar in one swallow.


Even worse than that,  is the fact that the phosphoric acid also binds itself to the magnesium, zinc and calcium our bodies need for healthy bones.  Then when the diuretic properties kick in, (you know that part where you suddenly have to pee for days?) those important nutrients are flushed out along with the water in the coke! That means our bodies don't get to use them!


Now, as we know with my new dietary restrictions I can't eat... well anything really, but for once I can honestly say, I am glad I can't drink sugary drinks like this one.


What do you think? Would you quit soda, or are the consequences worth the delicious taste?