Yuck! Is that picture of a spider making your skin crawl?! Are you so afraid of spiders that you are creeped out just by seeing a picture of one? I think that I feel more normal knowing that there are many, many people who have phobias. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that is defined as an irrational fear so great that the sufferer goes to extreme lengths to avoid what they fear.

A new survey has determined the ranking of American's biggest phobias:

  1. Acrophobia...fear of heights
  2. Arachnophobia...fear of spiders
  3. Claustrophobia...fear of tight spaces
  4. Ophidiophobia...fear of snakes
  5. Thalassophobia...fear of deep water
  6. Necrophobia...fear of death
  7. Glossophobia...fear of public speaking
  8. Coulrophobia...fear of clowns
  9. Trypanophobia...fear of needles
  10. Entomophobia...fear of insects

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Good luck conquering your phobias. Oh where to begin with mine...

Eek,a bug!