National Cat Day is Thursday, October 29 and we could think of no better way to celebrate than to introduce these baby kittens to a fall favorite.

If you are a cat person this is the only video you need to see this week. It is so cute that it just might convert some dog people to join the feline side.

The kitties at Cocheco Valley Humane Society got a visit in celebration of National Cat Day on Thursday, October 29. The original idea was to bring them outside to play in fall leaves for the first time, but they were not ready for an adventure like that just yet.

So the fall leaves were brought to them.

The kittens has a blast playing with these strange new toys. The tiniest ones had a little trouble walking on the leaves, but their mom was watching them for support.

Adorable kittens like these are in need of good homes to give them lots of loving. Consider adopting a pet from a shelter, like Cocheco Valley Humane Society in Dover, NH, and give them the home they deserve. You can also find a shelter near you.