Mark Rober is a former engineer for NASA, so clearly he's one smart dude. He conducted many experiments and has come up with four tips that will cut your windshield defrosting time in half.

So, in the video, Mark tells us everything there is to know about defrosting a windshield, there is a lot of information in there and it's a great video, but I'm sure you want me to cut to the chase and tell you what those four tips are, so here you go:

  1. Turn your heat to max.
  2. Enable the AC.
  3. Turn OFF in-car air circulation.
  4. Crack open the windows for a bit.

That is the magical combo that supposedly will defrost your windshield in half the time. Take a moment a check out the video. There is some more valuable information in there, like that you can use shaving cream on your windshield as a defogger.

Happy Winter!