I love wine and I don't care who knows it. Whether it is a hearty red or a crisp light white, it is all great in my book. Which is why I was so excited to find this article in Maine Today highlighting a new wine bar in Portland called The Drifter's Wife.

The quaint bistro in the East End is know for its organic wines that are hand harvested and crafted without using chemicals. The couple who owns The Drifter's Wife also own an organic wine shop called Maine & Loire which is conveniently a part of the restaurant! They wanted Mainers to be able to sample different glasses of these organic vinos without having to committ to an entire bottle.

As well as their extensive wine offerings, they serve DELECTABLE food that comes out looking almost too pretty to put in your belly.

NOM NOM NOM! I will ABSOLUTELY be paying this place a visit in my near future.