Smoke plumed behind my childhood home in Scarborough Monday night. It rose to cover the beautiful full moon and the sounds of sirens filled the air from all directions. US Rt One across from Lois's Natural Foods soon became closed as fire crews came as far as Buxton to help fight this heavily spreading fire. Owners watching in disbelief as their businesses crumbled before their eyes. No one wants to be in this position and it's never a bad thing to brush up on some fire safety.

SMOKE ALARMS- Every home should have at least one working smoke alarm in the house. The beeping is meant to annoy you enough to change the batteries.

PORTABLE HEATERS- Give them plenty of space, heat rises quickly and can catch nearby objects on fire.

PLAN AN ESCAPE- The Brady Bunch was right on with that fire safety episode. Find as escape plan and practice it with your family. It's aways better to be prepared for the unexpected. Having an escape plan greatly increases your chances for survival.

KID'S FIRE SAFETY- Teach your children that fire is not a toy. Kids around the age of five don't know the difference, helping them learn could save their life and yours.

SPINKLERS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFESome of the buildings in the recent Scarborough fire had sprinklers and some didn't. You will be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they can be. They also GREATLY increase your chance of survival.