Mt Washington NH was the scene for another round of Aurora Borealis AKA Northern Lights over the weekend. See incredible pics/video:I'm getting to the point where I don't even mind missing these brilliant events as long as we have our friend Ryan Knapp Weather Observer on duty at The Mount Washington Observatory.

This was last Saturday night on top of "The Rock Pile" as the cool kids call it.

Ryan Knapp

For those who may not know the WHOM transmitter is just to the left of these great shots. Needless to say we have had a strong bond with Mt Washington for over 50 years. You may have heard Ryan or Weather Observer/Educational Specialist Kaitlyn O'Brien on the air with Sandra and I from time to time.

Someday I'm gonna get to see one of these. Here's a great website to alert you when one could be flaring up. National Weather Service Space Weather Prediction Center: And a Facebook page  Aurora Alerts:

For more incredible photos and to learn more about The Mount Washington Observatory.