Real good chance of an Aurora event (also known as Northern Lights) tonight and tomorrow night visible from the northern part of of the country and parts of the world-

This is from The NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center:

"A very large solar event took place early on the 25th of February.  It  was located near the east limb of the sun facing away from the Earth,  so the effect on the Earth may be diminished somewhat.  However, we  expect enhanced auroral activity when the disturbance arrives late in  the evening of the 26th of February UT.  For North America, this means  aurora may reach index Kp=5 or more so as to be visible over the  northern half of the US during the night of the 26th/27th.  Activity  could also be high on the night of the 27th/28th."

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The pics above and below are from our good friends Ryan Knapp and Rebecca Scholand, Weather Observers at The Mount Washington Observatory. For more brilliant pics please visit their website. The Mount Washington Observatory: Please like their Facebook page at: The Mount Washington Facebook Page:


Ryan Knapp/ Mount Washington Obs