Am I overreacting about this? I really want to know what you think... 

I saw what looked to be a four-year-old screaming bloody murder while her father held her down to get her ears pierced at the mall yesterday. She screamed at the top of her lungs "Nooooo, please don't do this to me." I was so affected by this I started to tear up. I wanted to go snatch this kid away or go stand in front of that piercing gun. But who am I to say it's wrong? It's not my kid, it's not my ears.

I guess my question is. Am I overreacting? I mean, it's a right of passage for us girls, right? I don't know many girls without them and the earring/jewelry section of Forever 21 is the first stop I make when I walk through the mall. But how young is too young? Is four too young? Can a four year old or younger make a life long decision like earrings?

So tell me what you think. Am I overreacting?