Unlike Massachusetts or Rhode Island, Maine lacks the tax incentives to draw larger film projects to the state. What she lacks in financial perks, she makes up for in breathtaking locations. Undaunted by the many setbacks associated with making movies in Maine, the local independent film community is emerging as an incredible force here in Portland's art scene.

 Derek Kimball is among those brave indie filmmakers, and as such is no stranger to hard work or to the difficulties that arise from choosing to make your movie in Maine. Kimball spent the last three years completing his Feature length film which he shot with exclusively Maine crew and talent, and we were able to talk with him about the film and it's upcoming premier.

Set in the 1980's during the summer, Neptune capitalizes on Maine's beautiful coastal landscapes and island lore.  This coming of age film follows a 14 year old orphan girl named Hannah (Jane Ackermann), who is being raised by a minister (Tony Reilly) on a remote Maine island, as she tries to navigate the changes in her insular life brought on by the mysterious disappearance of one of her peers. Attempting to make sense of this, Hannah volunteer's on the missing boys lobster boat where he was the stern-man for his father Herb (Bill McDonough).  As a result,  Hannah is forced to re-examine her identity for the first time.

The film will premier at the Nickelodeon on Temple Street in Portland this Thursday, May 14th with screenings at 6:30pm and 9pm. You can also go to Last House Productions website and view the trailer or see more information on the screenings coming up this week.