At the rapid pace technology is moving these days, within a year something can become obsolete. So it's pretty darn funny to see things now that we used back in the 80's. We thought we were so cool walking around town with our Sony Walkmans! Today during our Awesome 80's Lunch I asked what your favorite 80's gadgets were. Here is what you told me:

The Transparent Phone

My brother had one of these and I remember thinking it was the coolest of the cool.

The Ole VCR

We had our fair share of these in my house. We even went as far as having a seperate machine that would just rewind VHS's. Not sure what the point of that was since the VCR itself would rewind the VHS tape but hey! Not everything made sense in the 80's.

Braun Micron Shaver

In an era where the Tom Selleck mustache and 5 o clock shadows were THE thing, there was only one machine that could maintain such an appearance and that was the Braun.

The Pocket TV

Before small screens were really a thing, this bad boy was ahead of it's time! So precious. One of our listeners mentioned she loved taking her pocket TV camping.

Polaroid Camera

In this digital world we now live in, we have grown accustomed to instantant gratification. However there is something to be said about waiting for a polaroid picture to develop before your very eyes.The anticipation! Thinking about our technology from years of yore brings on a sense of nostalgia. 'Twas a simpler time. Are there any other 80's gadgets you would add to this list?