Colbi Gannett is a name to remember. She may only be 6 years old now, but she is definitely going places, and if you ask her? She's already famous.


Colbi is not only a wonderful actress, but she is also the star of my daughter Ellie's first movie! As you may recall Ellie directed her first (and maybe last) movie this past spring and we hope to screen it in August.



Colbi has already acted opposite Frances McDormand in Oliver Kitredge, a made for TV movie, and has many audition lined up with other big names in the industry.


All I can say is i'm glad we got her while she still affordable. I don't think McDormand would be willing to work for hugs, goldfish crackers and marshmallows.


So if you're looking for some helpful tips on acting, look no further! Colbi Gannett has the answers for you ;-)


Colbi Gannett with her mom Chara Victoria Gannett and Ellie with Me!