Today (Wednesday, July 6) could be the warmest day we've seen all year which means it's also the sweatiest day of the year for most of us Mainers who tend to lose all consciousness and rational thought over 70 degrees. Other than the obvious, "Go outside and experience nature!" idea, here are five things you can do in Maine to escape the oppressive heat and humidity that tends to follow the first week of July.

Take a Surf Lesson with Maine Surfers Union

Summer is a great time to learn to surf in Maine. Maine Surfers Union offers surf lessons for all ages and you can rent all of the equipment right there. Want to learn to surf on a budget? You can snag a $150 certificate to Maine Surfers Union for $80 right now with Seize the Deal.

Get a Cone at Rococo Artisan Ice Cream

Give me all the artisan ice cream on a pretzel cone you've got. Rococo is known for their wild flavors like Sunfish Wheat AIe & Candied Ginger & Apricots and Crème Brûlée, Brown Bread & Brown Sugar Candied Plums. Get twice the ice cream for half the price with Seize the Deal and get your scoop (or two).

Enjoy a Cold One on the Deck at The Porthole

The Porthole has the largest waterfront deck in Portland and is home to the Twin Lobster Dinner. When it's sweaty-pants hot outside, the Porthole will hook you up with a cold brew, a gorgeous view of the working waterfront, and live music daily. See the full schedule of events here.

See a Movie at Smitty's Cinemas

Food, beer, comfy seating, movies, and two key words on a sweltering day: air conditioning. Sure, concession stands are nice, but who doesn't want a full meal while reclining back in a comfortable leather chair to watch the latest summer blockbuster? Don't forget: air conditioning. Look for your Smitty's Seize the Deal this week.

Spend the Day at Funtown Splashtown

Funtown Splashtown USA is a no brainer on a hot day. Just be sure to enjoy your Dippin' Dots and other special treats before taking on Poseidon's Plunge or Triton's Twist.