To my surprise there are quite a few Hollywood movies that were filmed here in Vacationland! And a reoccurring theme I noticed is that many of them are spoooookkkyyyy films. I guess Maine sets a good backdrop for twisted minds and gruesome murders. It also appears that Stephen King likes to film movie adaptations of his books here in his home state of Maine! Here are the five that caught my eye:

1) The Good Son

Oh man, this twisted movie! It is starring Elijiah Wood and Micaulay Culkin and let me tell you Micauly is pure EVIL. Elijiah Wood's character Mark's mother passes away and his father is completely overcome with grief. His father leaves him with his aunt and uncle in Maine while he goes on a business trip to Japan. Crazy Micaulay is the son of his uncle and aunt and his mission is to basically kill anything he can get his paws on including his own sister. (SPOILER ALERT!)  Though it's pretty disturbing, this movie is worth a watch if you haven't already seen it.

(Credit: Lilly.firefly via YouTube)


2) Pet Sementary

I haven't seen this one but the title really says it all. It was written by Maine's own Stephen King and appears to be about a family in Maine that has a dark secret in their backyard and as IMDB put it "it holds the power of life after death". This leads me to believe that a bunch of dead pet spirits start haunting this family, but I don't want to jump to any conclusions. I might skip this one if we are being perfectly honest with each other.

(Credit: Paramount Movies Via YouTube)


3) Thinner

Another one brought to us by the Mainer himself, Stephen King! In this thriller an obese lawyer is cursed for running a gypsy over with his car and killing her. The curse causes him to get thinner and thinner no matter how much eats. (hence the name) The plot of this movie has always intrigued me. I might need to add to my "must watch" list.

(Credit: Paramount Movies via YouTube)

4) Lake Placid

This film has totally become a cult classic. Lake Placid is the tale of three individuals who try to stop a giant crocodile from terrorizing residents in Black Lake, Maine. It sounds more like a comedy than a thriller, which is probably why it is in the "Comedic Horror" category. Something tells me i'd be able to handle this movie without getting nightmares. Maybe I'd even get a few chuckles out of it!


(Credit: Movie Trailer Graveyard via YouTube)

5)  Graveyard Shift

Just the name is spooky. This one is based on a short story ALSO written by our man Stephen King. It is about an abandoned textile mill that reopens and several employees meet strange and mysterious deaths. The only thing that links the deaths together is they all happened between the hours of 11am and 7pm (AKA the Graveyard Shift) Fun fact: this movie was filmed in Harmony, Maine at the oldest woolen yarn mill in the United States!  (thanks Wikipedia)

(Credit: Paramount Movies Via YouTube)


Well it looks like I have a lot of spooky movies to watch and a lot of sleepless nights to have. I better get cracking! What other spooky films were shot in Maine?