With my recent move to Maine I started to think that maybe my wardrobe needs some re-evalutating. I browsed the interweb to see what signature items can be found in the closets of most "Mainers". To my surprise I stumbled upon many Maine fashion blogs to help guide me in this quest!

The Bean Boot

Whether you are trudging through the treacherous snow or going on a stroll by the sea, the Bean Boot is hands down a MAINE necessity. (see what I did there?)

At Least One Fun Flannel

Or maybe a few to choose from. :)

A Pair of Vibrant Sperry Boat Shoes

These Sperrys from Maine's own Sea Crow Company are so much fun! Perfect for a day filled with nautical nonsense. Also I am a firm believer that when it comes to footwear, the more vibrant the better!

A Cool Beanie That Screams "I Live in Maine and I am Proud"

Need I say more?

A Cool Graphic Tee or Hoodie To Represent Your Fav Maine Made Brands

Here you see some apparel representing Bissel Brothers! Bissel Brothers is a delicious craft beer brewing company right out of Portland. Rocking something with their logo is a great conversation starter when you are elsewhere.  "Hey whats that?"  "Oh a cool craft brewery in Portland! You should come visit some time :) "

So how did I do? Am I missing any key signature pieces? Am I going to be a total dork if I wear any of the above? Please adivse!


Kira Lew (your new friend in town)