There are few better words in the English language than 'Free.' Buy one get one free is a good deal. Something listed on Craigslist in Maine for free...well...not so much. Here are 5 things in Maine being offered for free on Craigslist right now. Better grab them while they last! Who are we kidding? No one wants this crap.

  • 1

    130 + Empty Milk Cartons


    Got Milk? Nope. Just cartons. The seller says, 'Was looking for twenty dollars for time and material to clean and bag, but now FREE.' How bad is it when you have to drop your price from $20 to free?

  • 2

    Laying Hens


    Why buy the eggs when you can have the hens? This seems a bit too much work, even for free hens, when you can just buy a dozen eggs at Hannaford for $2.29. Maybe this is a good deal if you have a family the size of the Duggars.

  • 3

    Oil Tank


    The seller doesn't give a lot info here. Simply 'Oil Tank Portland, Maine.' What more do you need to know really? It's free. You get what you pay for right? Won't you be shocked after you remove this tank, install it in your home and the original owners come home from vacation and realize their next door neighbor Punk'd them by giving away their oil tank.

  • 4

    Curtain Rod

    Route 9/ Route 180 intersection

    One curtain rod. No hardware, but the seller says 'that's easy enough to buy.' So's a new curtain rod with hardware included. $1 at Dollar Tree. You'd spend more than that in gas driving to get this one then driving to go buy the hardware.

  • 5

    Squat Bar with Boxes

    Route 9/ Route 180 intersection

    From the same seller offering the free curtain rod is this squat bar with boxes that 'came with the house.' Imagine how that sale went? 'Tell you what, if you buy this house today, I'll throw in this squat bar and include the boxes. No? Okay, my final offer. Here's a curtain rod, but I don't have the hardware. It's easy enough to buy.' Sold!