I now live with two cats, and like most new things in life, there has been a bit of an adjustment process. 

This struggle has birthed a video diary I am calling, "Cat vs. Human", and the struggle is real.

It's not that I don't like animals because I do! I'm just not sure I want to live with them... I mean, I like those dogs that have real hair instead of fur but i'm not really into pets that shed hair all over me or poop in a tray for everyone to smell.

My top five concerns?

1. Stinky Cat Litter

2. Cat hair all over EVERYTHING

3. Cat bums on the table and counters

4. Cats using my furniture as a scratch post

5. Cats peeing on my stuff

To be clear the cats I live with haven't done #4 or #5 and my roommate is great about #1 but I still am reluctantly cohabitating with Annabell and Damian. And thus begins the battle between Cat and Human...