If you're looking for some Halloween fun for the kids in the Portland area, look no further than the Maine Mall. The mall is teaming up with Macaroni Kid for a special Trunk Or Treat event happening this evening (October 30th) from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. You may have heard of Trunk Or Treat events before; but this one is unique, because it's actually happening inside. It's great, because with temperatures plummeting as we approach November, you never know how cold it will be! Another great thing about this event is that it's actually the night before Halloween. So you can take this kiddos to this, and also enjoy some trick or treating in your own neighborhood the next night. How cool is that?

This looks like a lot of fun to me, and I think I'll be taking my girls.

For more information about Macaroni Kid and the Maine Mall's Trunk Or Treat event, check out the information page here.

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