Yes, it may be Spring, but some of us are already thinking about Halloween. I mean even the other day scrolling on TikTok I learned about Spring-o-ween. What is Spring-o-ween? Well, it is taking something like your plastic pumpkin and putting spring flowers inside, and honestly, I am a bit upset that I never thought about that before.

If you are a Halloween fanatic, then you may be waiting for stores to have a code orange, aka, when the stores start bringing out their Halloween merchandise. However, we have a some more time to wait for that to happen, not to mention attend spooky events.

If you love to be spooked, you have quite some wait till you can go into a haunted house, or do you?

Fright Kingdom in Nashua, New Hampshire, is gearing up for its Halfway to Halloween event! That's right, two nights filled with scares to prepare you for the spooky season.

Ready to celebrate Halfway to Halloween in the Spring? Well, if you choose to attend Fright Kingdom's event, then you will have to be brave, because there is not one, not two, but 5 haunted attractions.

According to Fright Kingdom, this year's 5 haunted attractions include Apocalypse Z, Bloodmare Manor, Psycho Circus in 3D, Grim, and The Abandoned.

Not only will you be able to attend these haunted attractions, there will also be "ghoulish characters" walking around outside waiting to scare you, entertainment, photo opportunities, and concessions.

Want to see a little bit of what you'd be getting yourself into? Below is a video of Fright Kingdom's 2021 season.

Interested? Well Fright Kingdom will be holding its Halfway to Halloween event on Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29th from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Tickets to this event will cost you $35 per person.

You can purchase tickets, select what time slot you want, and find more information on the event here.

Here's New Hampshire's Official 2023 Fair Schedule

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