Ah yes, our founding fathers of this great country had one job to do; make laws for us to live by, and thrive. Now, each state has it's own laws as well as the federal ones. But, some of these state laws are just plain ridiculous and bizarre. Makes you wonder, why these laws were even made? Maybe it was on a night when they had just a little bit too much lager? But, sorry to tell you, you could be a criminal already, if you have broken any of these funny laws in New Hamsphire! Website inyourstateonly.com made a list of all this wacko NH state laws, for our entertainment!  LOL

Top 5 Bizarre New Hampshire Laws

5. On Sundays, citizens may not pee while looking up.

On the Toilet


4. You can't sell the clothing you are wearing to pay a gambling debt.


3. On Sundays, you cannot run machinery


2. The opening in sugar shakers in restaurants must be less than 3/8 of an inch


1. Picking up seaweed on the beach is illegal

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