Tributes to Bob Saget have been pouring in all week

...even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who largely stay out of the limelight,<a href=""> re-emerged to pay tribute</a> to their <em>Full House</em> TV Dad.

One thing has become loud and clear in the last five days since word of Bob Saget's passing made its way around the globe -- not only was he loved by fans, but his friends and family loved him dearly on a whole other level. There have been countless celebrities that have either written or recorded tributes to Bob since his passing on Sunday. John Mayer and Jeff Hunt made a 25-minute eulogy video on John's Instagram page while picking up Bob's car from LAX -- even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who largely stay out of the limelight, re-emerged to pay tribute to their Full House TV Dad.

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Countless posts on all of the social media platforms have shared the impact Bob had on fans' lives, whether as America's Dad, Danny Tanner, or even just as himself, Bob Saget, the comedian whose mission it was to make every single member of the audience at one of his stand-up shows laugh and feel genuinely good and happy. We even recounted earlier this week just how amazing it was to experience his incredible spirit while he performed at Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, New Hampshire back on November 5, 2021.

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But that wasn't the only tribute he got from the Granite State this week.

Fat Dog Kitchen in Dover, NH featured Bob Saget on their menu

This past Wednesday, Fat Dog Kitchen in Dover, one of the most beloved breakfast spots (that also serves lunch starting at 10:30a) in the area, honored Bob with a couple of Full House references that every 90s kid ever couldn't help by smile at. On their Wednesday specials list were two items, "The Tanner" and "Comet's Bowl" -- the former obviously referencing his character of Danny Tanner, and the latter referencing the family dog on the show, Comet.

Sometimes, it's the littlest (most delicious) things that can completely change your whole day around and put a smile on your face. Thanks for that, Fat Dog Kitchen.

(We're sure at this point, Danny Tanner would have some deep, emotional, inspirational speech to make in one of the upstairs bedrooms of his home, followed by a joke about how he had to go clean something.)

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