So we're all-in as a culture when it comes to online shopping. We can pretty much grab anything and everything we need by visiting the right sites and paying the right price. But usually it's on Amazon or Walmart or Target where you're going to stumble across something that you don't need but suddenly want. Today is different. Today is the classifieds on Maine's Craigslist.

As of this writing, there was a working mechanical bull up for grabs in the for sale section. The best part? It's FREE. Zero dollars. The current owner just wants it out of their garage to make room for some new stuff and wants someone else to find the pure enjoyment of owning and operating their very own mechanical bull where strangers and friends alike can make an ass of themselves trying to ride it.

We said as of this writing because some deals aren't made to last long. This is Maine, and while mechanical bulls may seem like something that would be more popular in the south, there's something that attracts the people of the Pine Tree State to the idea of a backyard rodeo. So hey, if the ad is still up and you've got your chaps ready to go, you could be the next owner of a working mechanical bull. All of it for the nice price of free.

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