School vacation break is here, and for me that means a lot of hungry kids asking what we have to eat. I'm going to share my favorite easy, healthy and delicious recipe; rotisserie chicken with rice, scallions and egg. So simple!

I start by breaking down and chopping a warm rotisserie chicken and chopping up 4 scallions. I'll admit that I eat at least one thigh during the picking process. What?! I'm not made of wood you know!

chicken and scallions

I make 2 cups of basmati rice...


I make a well in the rice pot and scramble 3 eggs in it, make sure you cook the egg completely. After adding in the chicken and scallion I season it with salt and pepper. My family puts Sriracha or Sweet Thai Chili Sauce on it. Add a salad and it's a meal. The leftovers are awesome the next day too!

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