'Tis the season of giving, and since Big Apple Stores and WHOM are all about the holidays and spreading cheer to the community, we've teamed up to hook you up with not one, but TWO $50 gift cards every day with our Holiday Gift of Convenience!

Feel like saving it for yourself for gas? Coolio, don't blame you -- depending on the size vehicle you have, it can cost $50 a whack to fill your tank! Working a long week and need some last minute munchies because you don't feel like cooking when you get home? BAM! Basically free snacks/a free meal for you!

Or are you a pay it forward type person that wants to help people out whenever you can? You can give your $50 gift card to a friend or family member who you think may need it more than you!

OR even join in with us spreading the cheer during the season and donate your $50 gift card to your favorite charity, one in desperate need of help, or your local food bank!

No matter WHAT you do with your $50 gift card to Big Apple Stores, the point is...YOU CAN WIN IT! We'll start reading winners' names during Jadd in the Morning on Monday, November 9! And you basically have your chance to win one of the two daily gift cards straight through the end of the year! GOOD LUCK!

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