It's been more than a decade, but the Fresh Prince has finally returned to claim his throne.

On Tuesday (September 5), Will Smith debuted a new song called "Get Lit" on his Facebook page, marking his first new music since releasing Lost and Found in 2005.

"Been messing around in the studio and wanted to try this new track on the fans in Croatia and U.K.," he wrote in the caption of the video, which shows the actor-rapper performing live at a music festival. "No plans, no pressure… just back to basics with DJ Jazzy Jeff! Here’s 'Get Lit.'"

"Get Lit" marks a huge musical departure for Smith, who dives headfirst into heavy, throbbing EDM for the first time. Nevertheless, an air of familiarity remains: his childhood friend and longtime collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff is back on production.

Watch below:

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