There's something to be said about biting into a delicious, juicy, "the messier the better" burger. I think the "something to be said" can't be said actually while the scrumptious burger is in your mouth, though. If you are a burger fanatic; then, you want to have this list of the Top 10 burgers to eat in Maine! 

Website has compiled the list that burger lovers in Maine should memorize. When you go to an eatery and you order a burger, it's a big deal. For me, is it because I don't eat them too often for fear of being disappointed. If you know what I am talking about, then it is safe to say, you are a burger snob like me. Hey, ain't nothing to be ashamed off at all. We just know what we want in a burger, and aren't afraid to show it. Check out this epic top 10 list of where to get the best burgers in Maine, and never be let down again by a bad burger.


10. Grace, Portland ME


9. Fog Bar & Cafe, Rockland ME


8. Thistle Pig, South Berwick, ME


7. Bird Dog Roadhouse, Cape Elizabeth ME


6. Palace Diner, Biddeford ME


5. Fat Boy Drive-In, Brunswick ME


4. Owl's Head General Store, Owl's Head ME


3. The Bag & Kettle Brew Club, Carrabassett ME 


2. Nocturnem Draft Haus, Bangor ME


1. Nosh Kitchen Bar, Portland ME

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