Random acts of kindness happen every day.  However, when they unexpectedly happen to you, that is a banner day.

That's what this Saco resident was feeling when they were stuck in their driveway during a recent snowstorm.  They were so moved, they wrote an email to personally thank the Saco Police Department, and in particular, Sergeant Bruce Cote.

Here's what happened.

A driver's vehicle was stuck in their driveway on Bloom Road.  Despite trying to dig the vehicle out, nothing was working.  Then, Sgt. Cote passed by and stopped to help.  He showed the owner how to rock the car back and forth to get out of a stuck spot, and stayed until the resident was not only unstuck, but on their way to work in Portland.

Andrew Dickinson via Saco Police Department Facebook Page
Andrew Dickinson via Saco Police Department Facebook Page

Sounds like an unselfish police officer showed benevolence to a resident? Well, yes, but that's not the full story.

You see, the resident had been going through a rough patch, and the stuck vehicle was just one more thing to go wrong in a time of great stress in their personal life.  At the point when Sgt. Cote showed up, this person was having a bad day.

Sgt. Cote's kindness turned the resident's day around, making it a good one after all. That person sent an email to thank him, and the department posted it to their Facebook page.

Saco Police Department via Facebook
Saco Police Department via Facebook

According to the Saco Police Department Facebook page, many people could relate to a small courtesy by a police officer, and others called out Sgt. Bruce Cote specifically.

Saco is lucky to have officers who truly take care of their community and make a difference.

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