The post office in the town of Bethlehem, NH, gets very busy this year, and it's quite obvious why.

So many people want to have their Christmas mail sent from the town of Bethlehem, this little post office gets a whole lot of business during the holiday season.

According to, close to 60,000 holiday letters and cards are mailed out of the little building, located at 2159 Main St. That's quite a large number, considering that the town's population is only around 2,500.

People are sending their mail out of Bethlehem not only for the name of the town, but the special way that they handle the mail - the old fashioned way.

Each piece of mail is hand stamped, then fed through a decades-old stamp cancellation machine used exclusively in the month of December.

Depending on where you live, Bethlehem might be quite the trip. But the drive up sure is beautiful this time of the year, and just think of how excited your friends and family will be, to have some Christmas mail direct from Bethlehem!

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