If you’ve been having a craving for a gourmet lobster roll fresh out of Maine waters, then you better set your alarm, get on the waitlist, and start saving your pennies.

For an average of $25, you could go sit down at a restaurant and have a lobster roll served to you; Or, for $1,000, you can make it yourself.

Not a bad deal, right?

According to an article in Thrillist, The Montecito Lobster Roll Kit will be available to reserve online in November through Get Maine Lobster, a company that delivers fresh lobster right from the harbor to your home.

To get your hands on this DIY lobster roll, you must get on a waitlist starting Thanksgiving at midnight, put an email down to reserve a kit, and wait to schedule the details.

The fancy feast is extremely limited, which may not be a problem considering there probably aren't toooo many folks willing to drop a G for a lobster roll.

What makes it the world’s most expensive lobster roll is the ingredient list: 2 pounds of fresh Maine lobster claw meat, Royal Belgian Caviar, A5 Wagyu, white truffle aioli, edible gold flakes, and four brioche rolls, as stated in Thrillist article.

The roll is supposed to feed four people, but if anyone in the equation is anything like me, then it will only feed two.

I personally will not be waiting in line for this luxurious lobster, but if anyone else gets their hands on one, please report back. I'm hungry just thinking about it.


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